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Quick Answer: State bank of india fixed deposit interest rate?

SBI Bank FD Interest Rate 2021

Tenure General Public FD Rate Senior Citizens FD Rate
180 – upto 1 yr 4.40% 4.90%
1 yr – upto 2 yrs 5.00% 5.50%
2 yrs – upto 3 yrs 5.10% 5.60%
3 yrs – upto 5 yrs 5.30% 5.80%

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  • India’s largest bank, State Bank of India is offering interest rate ranging from 2.9 per cent to 5.4 on fixed deposits with a fixed period of 7 days to 10 years. In addition, the interest rate being offered to senior citizens is higher by 50 basis point in comparison to the common depositors.

News About State Bank of India Fixed Deposit. Fixed deposit rates revised by SBI. The State Bank of India has reduced the interest rates on fixed deposits from 27 May 2020 by 40 basis points across all tenures. A fixed deposit for a tenure of 1 year will now offer an interest rate of 5.10% compared to 5.50% earlier.

What is the interest of 1 lakh in SBI?

SBI FDs have tenures ranging from 5 years to 10 years with maximum rate of interest of 5.40%. Interest rates for senior citizens are higher than the normal rates and ranges upto 6.20%. SBI Fixed Deposit Calculator 2021.

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Tenure Rates Maturity Amount for ₹ 1 Lakh
211 days to 364 days 4.40% to 4.90% ₹ 1 ,02,562 – ₹ 1 ,04,977

Which SBI FD is best?

The highest FD interest for SBI is 6.75% for regular accounts and 7.25% for Senior Citizens, only for the Fixed Deposits with tenure of minimum 5 years.

Which bank FD rate is high 2020?

FD Interest Rates

Banks FD Interest Rates Tenure
SBI 2.90% – 5.40% 7 days to 10 years
Canara Bank 2.95% – 5.50% 7 days to 10 years
HDFC 2.50% – 5.50% 7 days to 10 years
PNB Housing Finance 5.90% – 6.70% 12 months to 120 months

What is fixed deposit in SBI?

SBI FD . SBI is one of the leading fixed deposit providers in the country. The Bank offers FD with flexible tenures ranging between 7 days to 10 years. Apart from that, SBI FD offers regular returns on fixed deposit ranging between 2.90% to 5.40%.

Which is the best FD?

Fixed Deposit schemes with a 3-year tenure 2021

Top 10 3-year FDs for 2021
Bank/Company Regular Interest Rate(per annum) Senior Citizen Interest Rate(per annum)
Yes Bank (Special Rates) 7.00% 7.75%
ICICI Bank 5.15% 5.65%
HDFC Bank 5.30% 5.80%

What is the interest of 20 lakh in SBI?

The interest rate levied by SBI on this personal loan is 9.60 per cent, which is lowest among all Indian banks. 4. 3 дня назад

Is SBI safe for fixed deposit?

Now small banks, new banks and some NBFCs offer higher interest rates on FDs to customers as compared to other top banks like State Bank of India ( SBI ), HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, etc. to name a few. So your bank Fixed Deposits (FDs) are safe .

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Is Post Office FD safe?

Interest rate on the time deposit account is payable annually but calculated quarterly. Another major benefit of the post office fixed deposit scheme is safety. “Irrespective of the amount of deposit, the safety in post office FD is the highest as they are backed by a government guarantee,” say experts.

How many years FD will double?

To know the time duration in which your FD amount will get doubled, you have to divide 72 with the highest rate. For example, if the highest rate on FD is 7.25%, then the number of years in which your FD will get doubled is 72 /7.25= 9.93. Thus, it will take 10 years for your FD to get doubled.

Which bank is safe for FD?

3. Top 15 Banks and Their Interest Rates

Bank List For Regular Customers (% p.a.) For Senior Citizens (% p.a.)
HDFC Bank 3.00% – 6.00% 3.50% – 6.50%
Kotak Bank 3.00% – 5.60% 3.50% – 6.10%
IDBI Bank 3.10% – 5.90% 3.60% – 6.40%
ICICI Bank 3.25% – 5.75% 3.75% – 6.25%

Is Yes Bank FD 2020 Safe?

Account holders should know that deposits with Yes Bank are insured for up to Rs 5 lakh by the DICGC. DICGC insures all deposits such as savings, fixed, current, recurring, etc. except for a few such as inter- bank deposits, any amount due on account of and deposit received outside India, etc.

Which is better Post Office FD or bank FD?

Like bank FDs, investors earn a guaranteed return through the tenure of the post office term deposit. For one-year time deposit to three years, it offers an interest rate of 5.5%. For five year time deposit account, Post Office offers an interest rate of 6.7%.

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Can I withdraw FD anytime?

Fixed deposits, with premature withdrawal facility, allow the depositor to close the FD before the date of maturity arrives. This comes as a relief in times of cash crunch. However, a certain amount may be required to be paid by the depositor as a penalty to the bank. This usually ranges between 0.5% and 1%. 6 дней назад

Can we break SBI FD online?

1) Log-in to SBI net banking by providing personal details. 2) From fixed deposit option, click on e-TDR/e-STDR ( FD ). 3) Click on ‘ close account prematurely’ option.

Can we do Fd online in SBI?

Savings account holders of State Bank of India ( SBI ) can open a fixed deposit ( FD ) from anywhere through the bank’s online facility. You can also renew and close the FDs online instantly, once you open an FD online . So, there is no need to go to the bank for any of these purposes.

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