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Readers ask: Air india website?

What is the official website of Air India?

In addition to city check-in at Delhi and web check-in on the Air India website www. airindia .in, passengers can also avail check-in at kiosks machines installed at major airports or use mobile check-in via the Air India Mobile App (to be downloaded).

Is Air India closing down?

Civil aviation minister Hardeep Singh Puri said in the Rajya Sabha (the upper house of the Indian parliament) last Wednesday that national carrier Air India will have to shut down if not privatised. Air India flies to at least 43 cities in 31 countries worldwide, as well as 55 cities within India .

Can I reschedule my Air India flight?

If you wish to change any of the details of your booking e.g. date and time, you must inform us of your changes prior to the scheduled departure of your flight to avoid any no show charges if applicable. Changes to your booking may incur a rebooking fee depending on the applicable fare rule.

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How can I get my Air India PNR number?

Request the PNR number for your flight from the airline representative or travel agent. Write down or print the number to keep it handy. If you prefer, you can call Air India’s toll-free customer service line at 1-800-180-1407 later, and request the PNR number .

Who is the HR of Air India?

Poulomi Basu – HR HEAD AT AIR INDIA ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED – Air India Engineering Service Limited | LinkedIn.

Who is owner of Air India?

What is going on with Air India?

Air India disinvestment to be completed in 2021-22; Rs 3,224 cr allotted to aviation ministry. Air India Asset Holding Ltd, a special purpose vehicle (SPV), has been set up as part of financial restructuring of the debt-laden national carrier.

Is Air India going to be sold?

The government, as part of the exercise, also plans to sell its entire stake in Air India Express and 50 per cent stake in Air India SATS Airport Services Private Ltd. Once the divestment of AI is complete, it will bring to an end government ownership and control of the airline which has had a glorious past.

What is the status of Air India flight?

Flight Tracking. Enter the flight number or select the route of the flight and search for latest information on the arrival and departure status of Air India flights. All timings are local to the respective cities.

How much is the cancellation fee for Air India ticket?

Cancellation Charges:

Time Period Cancellation Charges
Less than 24 hours prior departure time/No show passenger 100% of (Basic Air Fare +Fuel Surcharge) +Transaction/ Convenience Fee per passenger per segment
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How much does it cost to reschedule a flight?

Every major U.S. airline (except Southwest Airlines) charges penalty fees to change or cancel an economy fare flight . The fees, however, can vary from as low as $75 on a domestic flight to more than $500 on an international flight .

How much money is refunded on cancellation of flight ticket?

Fee for tickets cancelled up to two hours before the scheduled departure of the flight will be ₹ 2,250, according to the airlines . A passenger will not get any refund for the bookings cancelled 0-2 hours before scheduled departure, it said.

What is PNR number in air ticket?

PNR , PNR number , or PNR code is an electronic detail consisting of numbers and letters given after booking a flight . PNR is the abbreviation of “Passenger Name Record” and it is also used as a booking number on the sectoral basis.

How can I check if my flight ticket is confirmed?

These are the steps you can follow to verify your reservation step by step: Open any airlines website. For ex: Click on Plan and Book. Under My trip section, enter the 6 character PNR code along with your last name or family name. You can see your trip details along with your name. That’s it!

How do you check my flight ticket is confirmed or not?

You can follow the below steps to check your flight status after you make a booking : Logon to Click on Flight Status tab. Enter the departing and arriving destination. Enter your date of travel and Flight No . Enter your PNR or Booking Reference number.

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