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Readers ask: Election commission india?

How can I download my voter ID card with EPIC number?

Steps to download e-EPIC Register/Login on NVSP. Enter EPIC Number or Form Reference Number. Verify the OTP sent on the registered mobile number. Click on Download e-EPIC.

What is the salary of election commission?

Chief Election Commissioner of India
Term length 6 years or up to 65 years of age (whichever is earlier)
Deputy Election Commissioners of India Deputy Election Commissioners of India
Salary ₹250,000 (US$3,500) per month
Website Election Commission of India

Who is the present Election Commission of India 2020?

Chief Election Commissioner of India Mr. Sunil Arora has taken over as the new Chair of Forum of the Election Management Bodies of South Asia (FEMBoSA) for the term 2020, from out going Chair Mr. K.M. Nurul Huda, CEC of BangladeshDuring the 10th annual meeting of FEMBoSA held in New Delhi on 24 January 2020.

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How can I complaint to Election Commission of India?

The Office Address: Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road, New Delhi 110001. EPABX: 23052205 – 10, 23052212 – 18, 23052146, 23052148, 23052150. Email: complaints[at]eci[dot]gov[dot]in. Faxline: 23052219, 23052162/63/19/45. Control Room: 23052220, 23052221.

How can I change my name in voter ID?

Visit for voter registration. Please fill Form 8 (Link to online form) for any change in (Name, Photo, Age, EPIC Number, Address, Date of birth, Age, Name of relative, Type of relation, Gender).

What are the powers of the Election Commission?

The election commission has the right to allow symbols to the political parties. It gives recognition to the national parties, state parties and regional parties. It sets limits on poll expenses. The commission prepare electoral rolls and update the voter’s list from time to time.

Who acts as the chairman of Election Commission?

The decisions of the commission are taken by a majority vote. Sunil Arora is the current 23rd Chief Election Commissioner and the two Election Commissioners are Rajiv Kumar and Sushil Chandra.

What is election commission function?

The Election Commission prepares, maintains and periodically updates the Electoral Rolls, which show who is entitled to vote, supervises the nomination of candidates, registers political parties, monitors the election campaign, including the funding and exponential by candidates.

Who is current CEC?

Rajeev Kumar on Tuesday assumed charge as the new Election Commissioner (EC) of India. He joins the Election Commission of India with Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora and Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra. Born on 19thFebruary 1960, Shri Rajeev Kumar is a 1984 batch Indian Administrative Service Officer.

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Who was the first election commissioner in India?

Former Chief Election Commissioner

1. Sukumar Sen 21 March 1950 to 19 December 1958 2. KVK Sundaram 20 December 1958 to 30 September 1967
6.SL Shakdhar 18 June 1977 to 17 June 1982 7. RK Trivedi 18 June 1982 to 31 December 1985
11. Dr. MS Gill 12 December 1996 to 13 June 2001 12. Mr. J.M. Lyngdoh 14 June 2001 to 7 Feb 2004

Who is the next Chief Election Commissioner of India?

Shri Rajiv Kumar today assumed charge as the new Election Commissioner (EC) of India. Sh Kumar joins the Election Commission of India with Chief Election Commissioner Shri Sunil Arora and Election Commissioner Shri Sushil Chandra.

How do I contact the Electoral Commission?

Street address. Office closure in effect. General enquiries. Phone: 1300 135 736. PO Box address. NSW Electoral Commission. Funding, disclosure and compliance enquiries. Lobbyists register enquiries. Election employment enquiries. Translating and Interpreting Service. National Relay Service.

What is Election Commission of India’s helpline number for electors?

Call 1950: Citizens can call the Voter Helpline, the number is 1950.

What does BLO mean?

Election Commission of India provided an application to Booth Level Officer (BLO) to verify each elector’s entry, correct the errors and enable deletion of verified register death cases under the EVP program.

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