Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Location – Idukki district, kerala
Nearest access – Marayoor
Main wildlife found – tigers, giant grizzled squirrel, spotted deer, gaur
Coverage area – 90 Sq Km

Chinnar wildlife sanctuary represents wide varieties of animals and plants inimitable to the prickly vegetation. It is one of the best preserve wildlife sanctuaries by government as well as local people. This beautiful wildlife sanctuary is situated in the rain shadow area of Western Ghats of the state of Kerala. It has dry throne forests as well as has array of habitat like dry thorny forest, deciduous forests, shoals, grassland and riparian types because of rainfall and significant variation in altitude. This wildlife sanctuary is full of hillocks, cliffs, rocks, plains and home to various forms of microhabitats. Visit to this wildlife sanctuary is treat to nature lovers.

Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is situated at 18 Km from Marayoor in the the Idukki district. It is spared over more than 90 Sq Km area. It got status of national wildlife sanctuary in the year 1984 from the government of india.

Chinnar wildlife is a house of reptilian fauna and richest in terms of varieties of species. Tourist can see here Albizia lathamiii which is critically very rare species. It is also famous for its medicinal plants and is big repository of herbal plants. The riverside forests along Pambar and Chinnar bear a healthy population of grizzled giant squirrel. It has 225 species of birds and is wealthy in avian diversity. The well known white bison has been reported from here.

Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is full of different flora and fauna. It is home to wildlife like tigers, spotted deer, kraits, vipers, turtles, gaur, cormorants, black eagles, spectacled cobras, mugger crocodiles as well as many more species. It has more than 1000 species of flowering plants. Tourists can enjoy unique phenomenon of beautiful butterfly migration in season of monsoon. Tourists can also see here elephant, leopard, niligiri tar, common langur and bonnet macaque.

This wildlife sanctuary offers various wilderness opportunities to tourists. It is well known for ecotourism activities allover world. Tourists from every corner of world flow here to enjoy wildlife. Tourists can do here river trekking, nature trail, trek to Thoovanam falls. Tourists can stay in tree house which is full of all modern amenities. Tourist can also enjoy here river boating.

Special attraction near wildlife sanctuary:
Marayoor sandalwood forest – has facilities of deer park as well as Children Park with rare species of trees and plants which enhance beauty of this destination. Here u can also see sugarcane farming.

Vagavurai valley named after abundance of Vaga tress and when these trees are in their full bloom the whole valley is look like covered in bright red. A Lakkam waterfall of this valley is unique place for photography.
When to visit:
Chinnar has an inland nature climate and is characterized by hot as well as dry summers. This region also has substantial rainfall in monsoon. So best time to visit chinnar wildlife sanctuary is in winter because weather in winter is mild and cold.

How to Reach:
By air- nearest airport is Kochi to reach Chinnar wildlife sanctuary by air at the distance of 180 Km. kochi is well connected by flights with all major cities of the nation.
By rail – nearest railway station to reach Chinnar is Aluva which is situated at a distance distance of 130 Km. Aluva is major important station and is well connected by rest of India.
By road- tourist can reach to Chinnar by bus and it is well connected by daily bus services by Munnar. Distance between Munnar and CHinnar is only 65 KM. Munnar is well connected by road with all major cities of Kerala.

Travel Trips within Chinnar wildlife sanctuary
Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is open for tourist on every morning and evening for ride. Tourists have to take permission from Idukki wild divisionto see this sanctuary. Tourists can enjoy elephant ride to see this beautiful wildlife sanctuary. Beside elephant ride tourists can also enjoy ride by hunter jeeps. Tourist can see hidden treasure of Chinnar by boat ride.