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India south africa match?

  • India is 3:30 hours ahead of South Africa. If you are in India, the most convenient time to accommodate all parties is between 12:30 pm and 6:00 pm for a conference call or meeting. In South Africa, this will be a usual working time of between 9:00 am and 2:30 pm.

Where India match South Africa?

IND vs SA 2020 Match Dates The India vs South Africa 2020 Schedule will commence with the first ODI in Dharamsala which will be played on March 12th, 2020. The second ODI will be played in Lucknow on 15th March. The final ODI match would be played at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata on 18th March.

Why is India vs South Africa Match abandoned?

The first One Day International (ODI) between India and South Africa at the HPCA Stadium in Dharamsala was abandoned without a ball bowled due to rain. Highlights of the first One Day International (ODI) between India and South Africa at the HPCA Stadium in Dharamsala. That’s all for today.

Is South Africa better than India?

Out of 133 countries ranked by per capita GNP, India ranks as one of the poorest low-income countries, at position 23, above the very poorest. South Africa ranks at position 93, in the group of upper-middle-income countries. South Africa’s per capita income is close to 10 times that of India’s.

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How many matches India won?

As of 16 June 2018, India have played 968 ODI matches, winning 502 matches and losing 417; 9 matches were tied and 40 matches had no result. One Day International.

Opponent West Indies
Matches 133
Won 64
Lost 63
Tied 2

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Which city is hosting the 3rd India SA t201 today?

Visakhapatnam will host the first Test of the Gandhi-Mandela series from October 2 to 6. The second Test (October 10-14) will be played in Pune while the series will culminate with the third Test (October 19-23) which is scheduled to be played in Ranchi.

Has India won Test series in South Africa?

India never won a Test series in SA, won only 2 of 17 Tests. Out of all the Test -playing nations where Test cricket has been hosted, South Africa and Australia are the two nations where India have never won a Test series. India have played six Test series in South Africa, losing five and drawing one.

Is India poorer than Africa?

Some alarming statistics: 1/3rd world’s poor is in India. It also has a higher proportion of its population living on less than $ 2 per day than even sub-Saharan Africa. 828 million people or 75.6% of the population is living below $2 a day.

Who is the richest country in the world?


Rank Country GDP-PPP ($)
1 Qatar 132,886
2 Macao SAR 114,363
3 Luxembourg 108,951
4 Singapore 103,181

Is South Africa expensive than India?

South Africa is 2.3 times more expensive than India.

How many times Pakistan beat India?

The two sides have played a total of 199 times. Pakistan have won 86 matches compared to India’s 70 victories. In Test matches and ODIs Pakistan has won more matches than India, although India has won six of the eight T20 International between the two sides.

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Who won ODI 2020?

India vs Australia 2020 Highlights, 3rd ODI Match at Canberra, Full Cricket Score: Virat Kohli and Co register 13-run win, hosts take series 2-1.

Who is current BCCI president?

Reforms: 2017 Committee of Administrators (CoA) Presently, Sourav Ganguly is the president of BCCI. On 9 August 2019, the BCCI agreed to adhere to the anti-doping mechanisms governed by the National Anti-Doping Agency.

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