Major Tourist attractions – Beach, historical sites, fishing harbour, waterfall and wildlife
Languages – Malayalam, Hindi and English

Concealed in the altitudes of the Western Ghats, Kannur is basically a mist vestured hill station which is presented with magnificent beauty. Located 4,500 feet above the sea level close to Kerala, the landscape of the paradise seizes everyone to the state of tranquillity. The hill station is located in the Northern Malabar. The mountain ranges of Kannur hill station extends to around five hundred acres that is approximately two square kilometres and is entirely covered by dense forest.

A broad variety of fauna as well as flora can be detected here. The sight of the mountains and valleys from hither is breathtaking. The tourists who are willing to have a venturesome trip can consider visiting this hill station. To reach at the top of hill station a long trek of six kilometres needs to be undergone.

Mustsee Tourist Attractions:
The Kannur district’s tourism potential is quite high. The places of tourist interests near Kannur hill station include historical sites, scenic beauties, etc.
Fort St. Angelos is situated towards the west of the town and was constricted in the year 1505.This fortified building is in fairly good condition of preservation although some of its parts have collapsed.

Muzhappilangad Beach is fifteen kilometres away from Kannur. Black rocks safeguard this long and clean beach against the deep currents and hence making it a paradise for swimmers. Payyambalam beach resort is situated at Payyambalam beach which is very close to the town. It is perfect spot to spend the evenings.

Malayalakalagramam is a famous centre for culture and arts which conducts various courses in dance, painting, pottery, music, and sculpture. It is twenty nine kilometres away from Kannur. Snake Park in Parassinikkadavu is eighteen kilometres away from the town. This park is among the noted snake parks of the country. The park is devoted to conservation and preservation of snakes.

Thalassery fort is built by British in the 1700 as a memorial to their colonial rule. The fort is located on the hill called Tiruvellapadkunnu and it was strengthened in 1708 ny increasing its bastions and heights. It is built is square structure and is distinguished by its strong flanking bastions as well as massive ventilated walls.it has intricately carved doors and secret tunnels to the sea.

Arrakkal museum is dedicated to the Arakkal family. It was only Muslim royal family in Kerala. It is section of Arakkal palace and durbar hall of the palace is converted in the museum. The museum exhibits very rare royal items like jewellery, weapons and artefacts. It is attempt to preservation of rich heritage of the Arakkal family.

The climate here is humid with tyrannical hot season starting from the month of March to the ending of May. This is ensued by the monsoon which lasts till the termination of September. The months of October & November forms the retreating of monsoon season. The maximum temperature of the place is around thirty five degree Celsius in April & May and the minimum temperature is about sixteen degree Celsius in the months of December and January. The precipitation here is really heavy in the month of July.

Best time to Visit:
Usually tourists avoid visiting here in the rainy season because rainfall here is really high. However, the winter season over here is very pleasant to experience because temperature does not go that low. So the best time to visit this place is from the months of October to May.

How to Reach:
It is really very easy to reach Kannur hill station without much of intricacy. You may choose whatever mode of transport you are comfortable with.
By Air: Mangalore is the nearest airport to reach the hill station by flight, at a distance of 125 kilometers.
By Rail: The hill station has its own railway station. Kannur Railway station is the nearest railway station to the Kannur hill station. It is located in the city itself.
By Road: An amazing road transportation system links Kannur to the other major cities situated in South India. By Road the town is 535 kilometres to the North of the city Thiruvananthapuram and 155 kilometres to the South of the Mangalore.