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Quick Answer: Etihad india customer care?

Etihad Airways – Cleartrip Flights

  • You may access Etihad Airways’ office addresses for cities across India on the table. You can contact the airline by calling on Etihad Airways’ customer care numbers: 1800223901 or 18002090808, both of which are operational 24×7.

Flights are also available for booking through the mobile app, by calling the Etihad Airways Contact Centre in Abu Dhabi on +971 600 555 666 (UAE), on 1800 1233901 in India, or through a local or online travel agency.

Is Etihad Airways operating from India?

Etihad Airways to operate special flights from six Indian cities to Abu Dhabi between July 12-26. The airline said it will operate services to Abu Dhabi from Bengaluru, Chennai, Kochi, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

How do I contact Etihad by email?

Etihad Airways

  1. Email Contacts. [email protected]
  2. Social Media Contacts. Facebook.
  3. Executive Contacts. Primary Contact. Linda Celestino. Vice President of Guest Experience. P.O. Box 35566. Khalifa City A. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. +971-2-5110000. [email protected]

Is Etihad better than Emirates?

Before you fly – Emirates v Etihad. Whilst on quality and brand reputation they may come across quite similar, Emirates is a far larger airline group than Etihad. Its fleet of 268 Airbus A380’s and Boeing 777 jets (as of March 2019) is roughly three times as big as Etihad’s.

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Does Etihad give refunds?

If you’ve booked at least seven days in advance of your flight, you’ll receive a full refund if you cancel within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket.

Is Abu Dhabi allowing tourists?

Entering the UAE

The UAE reopened its borders to international visitors in early July, after a three-month hiatus. All visitors 12 and older must present a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 96 hours of departure time, and all test results must be presented either in English or Arabic in original, physical form.

Is 600 a toll free number?

Are 600 numbers toll free in the UAE? No, UAE 600 numbers are shared-cost. Callers who dial a 600 number will be charged a rate determined by their personal phone carrier.

How do I contact Etihad Airways?

Contact Us

Etihad Guest Service Centre:
Within UAE 600 555 666
Outside UAE +971 600 555 666
Email [email protected]

Is Etihad Airways good?

Etihad Airways is Certified as a 4-Star Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes seats, amenities, food & beverages, IFE, cleanliness etc, and service rating is for both cabin staff and ground staff.

Is Etihad a 5 star airline?

Etihad Airways awarded five stars in the APEX ‘Official Airline Ratings’ 2021.

Why Etihad is so expensive?

With fewer planes, Etihad’s frequency and own-capacity on key routes like New York are no match for Emirates’. “Etihad does not fly wide body planes to India and hence, filling up the flight is not a problem.

How much is the salary of Etihad cabin crew?

Monthly salary example (flying 90 hours with 5 layovers – 1 in each continent)

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Grade Basic Salary Total
Economy Crew (FA) 3,640 AED 9,248 AED ($2,517 USD)
Business class (FJ) 4,635 AED 10,603 AED ($2,886 USD)
Cabin Senior (CS) 5,635 AED 11,963 AED ($3,256 USD)
Cabin Manager (CM) 6,625 AED 13,223 AED ($3,600 USD)

How much is cancellation fee for Etihad?

Effective immediately, a penalty fee of AED150 will be charged for any bookings cancelled within 96 hours of travel. Applies to all tickets originating from the UAE issued on/after 1 October 2020.

How much does Etihad charge to change a flight?

How much does it cost to change a flight?

Airline Award change fee Refund / redeposit fee
Etihad $27 (you cannot change the destination) 10% of the miles spent
Iberia $40 $40
JetBlue $0 $0
Singapore Airlines $25 for Singapore Airlines flights $50 for Partner airline flights $75

How I cancel my flight ticket?

How it works

  1. Enter PNR details. Enter your PNR/Booking reference number and Email ID/Last name.
  2. Select Cancel Booking. Choose Cancel Booking option and proceed.
  3. Choose preferred option. Select your preferred option from the shown and click on Cancel Booking to proceed.
  4. Your booking is cancelled.
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